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Software Engineering Entry Level Salary in 2023

If you have a plan to choose software engineering in the future, you most likely have to think about what the salary of an entry-level software engineer is. Will you be able to manage your living expenses at the start of your career? Will the salary increase in a short time? Which are the countries and industries that pay a more valuable remuneration than others? 

The hopeful news is that there is an increasing scope of employment for software engineers and it is growing day by day. Industries are happy to pay competitive salaries due to the increased demand for software engineers. You will know after reading the below lines, what entry-level software engineers are earning.

What Software Engineering is About?

Software engineering is a subdivision of computer science in which you study the design, maintenance, testing, and development of software applications. Software engineers design software explanations for end-users by applying engineering principles and information from programming languages. They also resolve world problems by designing and building computer systems and applications. By using correct programming languages, platforms, and designs software engineers makes everything from games to network control systems. Software engineers also check, improve, and maintain software designed by other engineers, In addition to designing their systems. In software engineering your daily tasks might include:

  • Planning and retaining software systems
  • Assessing and analyzing software programs
  • Improving software for speed and boosting
  • In scripting and analyzing code
  • Referring to clients, engineers, and other shareholders
  • Showing new sorts to investors and internal clients
  • Software engineering jobs

Demand for Entry-Level Software Engineer

Software Engineering jobs are in high demand including for entry-level engineers which offer a quite high salary. Software engineers are receiving large pay packages and bonuses. Engineering offers abundant opportunities for growth and development with convenient skills across a vast selection of fields from software and logistics to aerospace. Companies require at least a bachelor’s degree to hire software engineers. To remain competitive, job-seekers should consider gaining expertise or skill-specific programs such as coding boot camps or qualifications. 

The salary ranges of software engineers depend on many important factors, including education, qualifications, supplementary expertise, and years they have spent in their careers. There is a strong possibility for a fresh college graduate with a degree in software engineering to find a good job in the field of software engineering. In the meantime, nearly all businesses and areas are currently using computer systems demanding software.

Entry Level Salary for Software Engineering

The assessed pay of an Entry Level in software engineering is $106,924 per year in the US, with a common salary of $84,696 per year. The predicted additional pay is $22,228 per year which comprises bonuses, commission, and profit-sharing. 

The Entry Level Software engineering who freshly graduated from college earn about $167,000, which includes salary, and bonuses. They also make $43,000 in stock reimbursement. The lowermost salary for an Entry Level Software Engineer in the US is $57,164 per year.

As per the Levels.fyi assessment at Google a Level-3, or a fresh software engineer at entry-level who just graduated from college can earn a total remuneration of $189,000. At Facebook, an entry-level software engineer ( E-3) can earn $166,000 per annum. According to levels.fyi data, it is revealed that software engineers at companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon get paid very high. The website’s levels.fyi describes that benefits increase parallel with the level of expertise.

The salary of an entry-level software engineer may depend on the years of experience and the level of seniority. The difference in pay in various countries is high as an entry-level software engineer can get paid in Switzerland is  $87,668, in Germany it is $62,668 and in the US it is $103,382.

Moreover, entry-level software engineers in Switzerland earn the highest pay at $87,668, and senior software engineers get $126,849. The junior software engineers earn $106,214 and senior engineers can earn up to $133,331.

The major change between new and experienced level software engineer salaries is found in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and the Netherlands, (between $35K to $46K). The lowest difference between an entry-level software engineer and an experienced software engineer’s salary is only $20K?

US Bureau of Labor calculated in 2016 that there will be 186,000 new jobs for engineers from 2014-to 2024. They say that the jobs in software engineering are increasing by 17% in those 10 years, which is faster than the other jobs. Now, a-days 1.1 million software engineers are working which may increase to 1.3 million by 2024. 

Effect of Geographical Area on Entry Level Software Engineer Salary

Consider the geographical area while deciding about the salary as it is directly linked with affordability and cost of living in that city. For example, in the city hub, you can get a higher salary while comparing with small cities or towns in the USA. Living expenses are very high in the Bay area. So you need to keep in mind the living cost in the particular city, where you get a job offer.

According to Glassdoor, in the US area, the approximate gross salary is USD 106,971 per annum for entry-level software engineers, while the overall average pay is USD 84,684 per year. As per the estimate of Glassdoor, the additional salary is USD 22,287 per annum. This extra pay consists of commission, profit sharing, tips, and bonuses.

The range for an entry-level salary of a software engineer is $51,272 – $111,805. The geographic location is the biggest aspect affecting the salary followed by the business you work for and your skills. 

According to CodinGame ranking, The United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and The Netherlands give average software engineer salaries of over $60,000 per year.

Important Factors in Software Engineer Salary Fixing

Your level of experience in the field play important role in the decision on the salary offered by your employer. The type of the company also contributes in this regard that the company is of service or only products.  Product companies usually pay higher remuneration. The size of the company also matters because large companies pay competitive salaries to their staff. Further, your skillset is also considered what languages and software knowledge you have. Another factor is your school or college from where you got your degree because students of reputed universities are paid well. The location of your work also plays role in this regard. So a mix of all these ingredients play role in your salary fixation. For instance, if you are working in the US but a services company will not pay you well while a product company will pay you a high salary. Similarly, if you are working in the field of web development, you will have an advantage over the other skills which are not popular and in-demand at the market.

Industries that pay high salaries

When you are searching for an entry-level software engineer job, you will certainly have a lot of options to select, Irrespective of your domain.

Companies in incubation or start-up stages, small technology companies, and Non-profit organizations are likely to pay little in the shape of compensation, while their remuneration package may be wider. They can offer some different incentives which include, stocks option, time off, insurance for a pet, remote working, and some other benefits. However the top incentive these companies may offer chances to get first-hand knowledge and growth of your career with the development of the company.

On the other side, big companies including Amazon, Microsoft, and LinkedIn, in tech hubs (Seattle and San Francisco) or big cities (New York and Chicago) are likely to pay high entry-level software engineers salaries and unique incentives, while they miss some of the valuable incentives which some small companies may offer.

Remember that the incentives depend upon the roles, responsibilities, professionalism, and expectations the companies have with you. So if you are in search of a high-salary job it will in response demands a higher level of professional role, more from your resources and time. Some engineers avoid extra responsibilities while others struggle for higher positions out of their comfort zone. It depends upon you to decide about the position and level of your comfort zone.


The entry-level software engineers mostly don’t make any decisions about the company’s production. Mostly they get guidance from the senior level engineers to support the development of projects. Fortunately, at entry-level, there is no requirement for experience as great organizations know very well that at entry-level expertise is not important as new software engineers are learning. They are involved in negations and help them improve their competency and level of skills.

So the major mistake the entry-level engineers made is simply looking for the high pay and missing the perk benefits which count a lot. A minor change of only one percent for retirement benefits or a five percent insurance premium paid by the organization can overcome the high pay offer. Consider the pay and incentives when you give acceptance, decline, or negotiate with an employer on a job offer.