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Top 15 Features of Information Technology


Information technology, most commonly known as IT, defines as the use of technology to store, share, organize and process information. In simple words, I can also be defined as anything related to the computer system. The term IT first appeared in 1958. This industry is growing very rapidly as more and more companies are shifting toward technology therefore, the need to organize and manage information has now become very important. Besides, it has been anticipated that the IT industry will grow by 11% between 2022 and 2030. Information technology is commonly known as a computer-based system comprised of hardware and software; therefore, it is also known as methodology and regulations to oversee the usage and storage of data. The main primary pillars of information technology are IT governance, IT operations, and ware and infrastructure. Information technology helps in several business operations and makes it easy for humans to access any type of information according to their needs. Nowadays, worldwide organizations use Information technology to control data and innovate their processes. The more productivity in information technology-based systems and business compels other institutions to shift their business setups towards technology-based systems. In today’s world, it is highly recommended that industry leader must shift their business setup and companies to boost production efficiency. Therefore, it is pertinent to mention that, information technology has changed the dynamics in every walk of life to make life easier and technology-oriented. So in this article, we will discuss about top 15 features of Information Technology.

Features of Information Technology:

1) Innovation in the educational system:

Nelson Mandela once said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Information technology has made it easy for humans to survive and education is no exception. With technology, it is very easy for everyone to access education very easily. Now the world is gradually moving toward e-learning. Information technology allows students how they can make their lives better in this digital world by getting technological-oriented education and skills. Nowadays, a huge amount of information related to books, and journals are just one click away due to the existence of information technology. In today’s educational system, classrooms are more technology-oriented where students can take classes both online and physically. Moreover, students can easily be in contact with teachers through a “Learning management system” and other operating channels.

2) Technological governance:

Technological governance is one of the features of Information Technology which is the tool and methodologies that help an organization maintain and align its business goals and strategies. Information technology has altered the organizational structure which helps in achieving goals and objectives. It is also a collection of regulations and policies which ensures the maintenance of information technology. IT governance is also responsible for the identification, establishment, and alignment of IT systems with both risk management and of be aware of information that the businesses are on track. This is the reason why they need for IT system felt because the business owner wanted that business must do the same according to the assigned duties.

3) Fast Economics Development:

Information technology consists of knowledge and tools which make it easy to produce goods and services more efficiently. It has been said that technology is the main driver of economic growth. A country needs to encourage the IT industry because it eventually helps both the economic prosperity of a country and improves the living standards of humans. Rapid growth in IT can save time and produce effective results. Moreover, the growth of technology also expands industries throughout the country and helps in the exploration of natural resources. Therefore, to boost the economy and increase production, it is mandatory to replace the old institutional structure with technologies.

4) Development of Remote Areas:

Information Technology with Scientific and Technological innovations has been developing which practically controls the wealth and power of a nation. But it is very important to mention that all the controlling agencies of respective countries acquired these technological innovations usually located in and around Cities and Metropolitan areas. These technological innovations and advancements aim at human welfare. 80% of the rural community people of third world countries do not get any fruit of these innovations achieved at the expense of billions of dollars. To the tune, only 20% of the people living in and around urban areas are utilizing the benefits of such developments. According to an estimate, more than 700 million people are below the poverty line. Therefore, advancement in information technology helps countries to get rid of poverty and improve their living standards.

5) Innovation in business:

Information technology helps innovation in business which is one of the most necessary features for economic growth. Innovation results in developing smarter apps, improved storage of data, fast information processing, and broader information distribution. Innovation makes businesses run more efficiently and this is all about information technology. Moreover, innovation increases value, improves quality, and increases productivity.
Below mentioned are the innovations created by information technology:
1) Online Shopping
2) Digital marketing
3) Social marketing
4) Cloud computing

6) Innovation in the health sector:

Technology in the healthcare sector refers to any IT tools or software designed to upgrade hospitals and administrative productivity by giving new insights into medicines and treatments by improving the overall quality of care provided. The Healthcare sector has revolutionized with innovations in IT for having a better relationship with patients and ensuring their privacy, security, and confidentiality to make the healthcare system more efficient. The healthcare sector has progressed immensely in the last few years, and a huge portion of that has been driven by technology. From the innovation of infusion pumps and dialysis machines to the creation of antibiotics, heart valves, and MRI scanners, technology has sorted out all healthcare-related issues. Due to the rapid growth of the internet and technology, patients can research symptoms and consult with their doctors through email, text, or video conferencing to see if they even need to schedule an appointment or require any other consultation if they can treat their symptoms with over-the-counter remedies. That is why this features was implemented in information technology. As a result, IT has brought a revolution in the health sector, reduced patient difficulties, and lowered health care costs in several ways including:
1) Improving the delivery of correct and authentic medical information.
2) Sharing decisions between healthcare professionals and patients.
3) Providing links of social support for patients and healthcare professionals.
4) Allowing for faster, more knowledgeable decisions that can impact individuals and the public.

7) Fast communication:

Because of revolutionary improvements in information technology, globalization has increased at a massive level. The world is brought closer and closer and the world’s economy is now becoming a single interdependent system. Information can be quickly shared and processed easily from all over the globe, and all kinds of barriers related to geographic boundaries can wipe out as people share ideas and information.
Globalization of world economies has significantly impacted the overall values of information for all business organizations and has offered new business opportunities for a contribution to their economies. Nowadays, IT provides an opportunity for all organizations for conducting trade, manage their businesses, and achieve their goals. For the sake of coordination and expansion of their worldwide network of suppliers, both distributors, and consumers, organizations have developed global information systems which help them maintain their online businesses to meet their objectives.

8) Rapid increase in the employment rate.

Technology has created a positive impact on economic growth, improved the human standards of living, and opened up roads to new and better kinds of work and employment channels. With the advancement in Information Technology, new jobs have been introduced. It creates new jobs and many other employment opportunities for programmers, hardware and software developers, systems, analyzers, web designers, and many others. Information Technology has opened a completely new field and thousands of jobs for IT professionals. Recent advancement in artificial intelligence and machine learning, which brought us to self-driving cars, marks the beginning of a dynamic in the world as we know it. To shift the unstable labor market and grab the powerful opportunities offered by new technologies, one must find a way more quickly adapt. By continually updating our skills and seeking alternative work arrangements, one can “race with the machines.” It does not matter if we like it or not, change is coming, and the worst movie of all would be to ignore it.

9) IT and reduction in financial risk:

IT and reduction in financial risk is one of crucial features of information technology. It has the potential to reduce financial risks and make business strategies more cost-effective. The use of computers and the Internet for business is only growing, and technologies are becoming more and more sophisticated. Without question, technology has had a significant impact on the operations and services of banks. Companies can use information technology to enhance their financial management by creating automated solutions that integrate into their accounting system. All Companies will be able to save their precious time and resources through this. They may reduce the risk of human mistakes. With the advancement in information technology, more business-like pharmaceutical companies and distributing companies are shifting their setup towards technology-oriented software, which eventually lowers the risk of loss and errors. Therefore, it can be said without any doubt that, IT has revolutionized almost every field of life.

10) Information technology and crime prevention:

Advancements in information and communications technology (ICT) are changing not only our society but also ensuring the prevention of crime. The use of technology in the criminal justice system and the policing system is developing rapidly. From drones to biometrics and from biometrics to DNA tests and from DNA tests to forensic tests, it has made it easy for police to investigate any type of crime. So, therefore, one can easily say that IT helps in keeping our cities safe. The advancement in modern technologies like mapping, smartphones, and web reporting is collectively contributing to getting rid of crimes and criminals. In ancient times, only guns and weapons were used against criminals, but now day CCTV cameras are another addition to the world for safety from crimes. Technologies like fingerprints, DNA, forensic science, and brain fingerprinting are the top technologies that help police institutions to fight against crimes and professional criminals.

11) Societal impact of information technology:

In the past few years, information technology has grown rapidly. And the usage of technology is also increased considerably. It has changed the lives of people and changed the way they learn, think, and communicate. It plays an important role in society, and now it is very difficult to even think about life without technology. Both technology and society are related, dependent, and influenced by each other. Technology creates an impact on society, including the potential for society to progress or decline, in both good and bad manners. Our society is formed by technology, which has both positive and negative impacts on society. Human societies and technology have grown and linked since ancient systems like mobile phones, computers, TV, etc. Are produced by humans and replicate the very basis of a population’s needs and lifestyle. Although technology improves the lifestyle and living standards of the human being is also a major apprehension for future generations. In today’s world, people are unduly using technology, which lessens their physical activities that affect their health. Moreover, due to the unnecessary use of technology, many crimes happen every day in which someone steals the identity or personal information of the victim, such as a Unique ID number, Debit Card, etc., and uses it to do a crime or commit fraud without our permission. However, on the other hand, due to advancements in technology, it is very easy for humans to keep in touch with other individuals, get employment opportunities, get proper education, and make their businesses worldwide.

12) Globalization of business:

The induction of information technology in businesses and organizations made it easy for them to achieve greater reach and achieve their objectives in the global market. Globalization has been carried out due to the phenomena of technology. Now, it is very easy for every individual to do business anywhere in the world. Technology has determined the development of electronic trade, which has brought new dynamics to the globalization of companies and given a boost to the IT industry. The circulation of information technology has made production networks more productive, cheaper, and easier and has been important for economic globalization. The high speed of worldwide communications has also permitted trade and collaboration in real-time and has increased international trade, which is an important factor for economic development.
Technology is producing many deviations in our society and the labor market, and these developments are redeveloping the way we do business. However, at the same time, there are some technological and technical threats such as hacking, phishing, viruses, and malicious activities that are badly impacting both human lives and their businesses. Besides, the good news is that technology overcomes all the threats where requires. Therefore, it is very important to begin to take advantage of the many benefits that technology offers in business to boost the performance of their companies.

13) Automation and multitasking:

Another important features of information technology is its ability to take multiple things and multitask at a time. Generals, People usually call this automation advancement by people within the IT industry.
Another illustration is how email marketing service providers automate emails so that business owners may concentrate entirely on planning and developing marketing materials rather than having to send emails one at a time to each consumer on the email list. There are many other applications when one discusses how information technology helps people in their industries and to multi-task through automation. Some other examples of the automation industry are processed calculation and analysis.
The importance of information technology in today’s world is surely undeniable. One can also imagine the advancement of information technology by the fact that human thinking has progressed and shaped to a level where one can easily get work from robots to do multi-tasking with more productivity and efficiency in a short period.

14) Customer relationship management:

Companies and other worldwide organizations are using IT to improve how they can easily manage customer relationships. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems cover every interaction a company has with a customer so that a more enriching experience is possible. If a customer calls a call center with a query, the customer support team will be able to see what the customer has bought, see information related to shipping, then after proper analysis of the query, and effectively respond to the issues. The entire program is stored in the CRM system, ready to be recalled if the customer calls next time. The experience for the consumer is better and more focused, while the company benefits from increased productivity.
Therefore, it is all about information technology that allows big companies and organizations to keep in touch with their customer to gain feedback related to their product to make services more productive and efficient.

15) New ways of buying and selling:

The last features of Information Technology is it provide new ways of buying and selling. In retail business and other customer-facing environments, the Information and Communication Technology infrastructure that once introduced simple credit or debit card transactions and make it easy for every customer to buy anything anytime anywhere throughout the world.
In this modern world, consumers can buy goods and services from online stores and websites from the comfort of their own homes or mobile phones, internet, and shopper-friendly websites or applications. It is all about information technology and its advancement which allows us to keep in touch with any kind of website while sitting at home. Therefore, in today’s world, the existence of technology is inevitable.


Technology has revolutionized almost every domain of human life. It has affected the lives of human beings socially, emotionally, and physically. Rapid increase development of education, healthcare, and housing sectors has made our lives easier and more comfortable however the dependency on technology has augmented to a dangerous level therefore it has both negative and positive impacts on human beings. The rapid increase in hardware and processing ability forces buyers to purchase new, relevant technology.
Information technology creates opportunities for businesses, individuals, and companies to boost their turnout with effectiveness and efficiency. Fast improvement in technology and software compels consumers to purchase new and IT-oriented machines.
In today’s world, it is inevitable for human beings to utilize more and more technological-oriented machines to save time and generate more productivity.
With all of this features of Information Technology, it made the lives of people easier and more luxurious, while on other hand also generating income for businesses. People and industries and organizations slowly began to depend on technology to get things done in the right manner because it is faster and easier and gives productive results within a short time.
In a positive sense, information technology has allowed humans to rise within a society that is smart, connected, and free. It has made lives much easier and calm. Everyone can easily access knowledge and information anywhere; most countries are democratic and People have the right to freedom and equality according to their constitution.