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To answer the question of why java is better than other programming languages we need to learn about the programming languages first and then we will dive into the java programming language. Does this question also raise multiple more questions such as what is a programming language?  How many types of programming languages are in the context? What is a java programming language? And what feature make java better than the other programming language? In the introduction, we are going to discuss Programming language and Java programming language.


Programming languages

“A series of well-defined instructions sent to the computer to solve a specific solution after processing the inputs” is the definition of programming. In the field of information technology, it is a crucial phrase. Programmers write a variety of instructions to connect with computers and compel them to carry them out in accordance with established protocols. Because a computer is a piece of electronic equipment, it speaks its language. Similar to human language, there are numerous different programming languages, such as JAVA, Python, C-Sharp, C++, and C. Each language is taught on computers differently. Each programming language has a different means of being learned, and they also have different ways of structuring rules with one another. Basic programming languages like the C++ programming language should be the first thing a new programmer aims to learn. In the area of programming, C++ is a simple and fundamental language. It has a large variety of easily implementable libraries. The C++ programming language, often known as the foundation of programming or software development, is still utilized in the present era by a variety of skilled programmers to create beneficial goods and software.

Because this sector is quite large and programming is further divided into other categories, such as Web Programming, a Beginner must select a specific goal in the development side that he will attain. Programming for the internet, Android apps, Unity, and desktop applications. All of these categories demanded that programmers possess the necessary expertise. These categories are dependent on specific programming languages or they are also necessary for the specific field-based programmer, for example, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, CSS, Angular, and Objective C are the primary programming languages used for web development. Java, C#, C++, Python, and Lua are programming languages used in the creation of desktop applications and Android apps.

Java Programming Language:

Java Programming Language was introduced in the last to 19th century by James gosling at the sun microsystem development sectors. Later it became the core area of the organization named the java platform. In 2007 java platform relicensed the java technology with the license named GPL2.0.  different organizations also adopted this programming language and introduced several open-source software for the developers.

Today a large number of programming languages are used for developing the project on daily basis and showing the brilliant modernization in the last decade. As it is normal to say all these programming languages have their own strengths and weaknesses. programmers or developers choose the language according to their requirements and their expertise because every language has its unique way of writing. Java language is the most popular programming language among programmers from all available languages. Strong memory management, great performance, backward compatibility, and top-notch security are just a few of the remarkable qualities that Java takes pride in having. Java is utilized across a wide range of industries, including system programming, web development, and the creation of mobile applications. The capacity to create tiny modules or applets for apps, however, is its standout feature.

The java language is also the oldest language among the other programming and structural languages, this is also the reason for its popularity. Most of the software was developed in this language in 1995. Experienced programmers and developers recommend this language because it provides a better comfort zone rather than approaching or shifting to new languages. It facilitates the user to develop every type of software for several platforms. Java has multiple reasons to prove the superstar among the other programming language. There are many points to answer the question of why java is better than other programming languages, and most of them are as follows.


Java language is a vast area of developing software for different platforms such as desktop software as well as web development. After the revolution of the android platform in the mobile industry java also introduced an open source integrated android application development environment. It also provides a typical static type of system which makes it different and attractive compared to the other languages. With the common use in android application development, also largely used in web development. Most web-based applications are also developed with the help of java language integration. Java is a vast cloud in the development sector so this is the answer to the asked question “Why java is better than other programming languages”. Once in 2010, the rust programming language was becoming the competitor of the java programming language. The development of the Rust programming language began in the early 20s, and according to other sources, it was first created in 2006 as a side project. Its creator, Graydon Hoare, worked for the Mozilla Corporation and created it as a side project. After some time, in 2009, Mozilla began to support this project. In 2010, the Mozilla corporation made an official announcement about this project with some successful work and additions. But later this programming language started falling because they introduced multiple versions of the language instead of introducing a unique version. Java facilitated the user with the security-based compiler, interpreter,  and runtime environment. Furthermore, there are multiple reasons to answer the question of why java is better than other programming languages.

1.    Easy to Learn for a Beginner:

The most readable language for humans is Java. With few symbols and grammar that are reminiscent of English, it is simpler to understand and pick up quickly. One of the main justifications for adopting Java or selecting it as the finest programming language is this. You will discover that the grammar of Java is very similar to that of C and C++, especially if you have a background in those languages. Oracle, SCRUM, and Sun specialists can readily integrate their expertise with Java to create mobile and web applications. Java is among the oldest programming languages, so there are plenty of resources accessible to learn the language, including websites, videos, books, and classes.

2.    Rich in Java Libraries and APIs

 The extensive ecosystem of Java APIs goes much beyond those approved by Oracle or offered by Jakarta. JBoss Hibernate is a project that deals with data persistence. The complete set of Spring Boot APIs is available for Java developers that want to create cloud-native microservices. In addition, there is a tonne of Apache API open-source projects that deal with a variety of software development use cases, from gathering error messages with log4j to resolving challenging issues with hash maps and fail-safe iterators via the Apache Commons Collections API. Java developers have access to a wide range of APIs that help them create robust, error-free apps.

There is a sizable Java API. The developed JDK of the java language consisted of more than 200 packages including built-in and user-defined. The Jakarta EE APIs give developers access to an even larger collection of APIs that enable the creation of sophisticated middle-tier apps and cloud-native microservices.

3.    Object-Oriented Programming Language:

An object-oriented language is Java. It is one of the few object-oriented languages that are 100% object-oriented, which makes creating OOP applications relatively simple. That is another factor that contributed to its popularity. because object-oriented programming is a need for any simple Java program. Once you are familiar with the fundamental OOP ideas, you can apply them to Java. OOP is not a requirement in Java, unlike other programming languages like C++, JavaScript, and Python, where it is an optional feature. Some of the top design patterns and best practices in its library are polymorphism, inheritance, abstraction, and encapsulation.

4.    Efficient Tool Management and Ecosystem:

The team of java Developers developed open source development tools for the development application. These tools allow our programmer to utilize them for the required criteria and developed the required software or application according to the developmental rules. Several illustrations of tools created in Java include Introducing Gradle, a potent open-source build tool. A maven is an open-source tool made to address issues with dependency management: Jenkins is a formed and delivery tool built on Java. This list of Java’s tool ecosystem is by no means complete. Other examples of Java-written tools and technologies range from well-liked Java Kubernetes native Java stack Quarkus from Red Hat to application servers like Tomcat.

5.    First Android Supported Language:

Android is the most popular mobile operating system worldwide, and Java is the standard programming language for developing Android apps. According to the reports, google also transferred almost 12000 coding lines while cloning the java from the regular edition. The android version of this programming language java is not the same as the regular edition or provided by the JDK.

You’ll become quite proficient at Android development very fast if you can write Java code for desktop or server-side applications. After a short learning curve, all of the low-level differences between the JVM and the Dalvik Android Runtime will be nicely abstracted away from you.

6.    Open Source Developmental-Based Environment

Because of its vibrant community, Java has been extremely fortunate to continue existing. According to estimates, there could be 10 million Java developers worldwide. Since Java is supported by a wide range of devices, including everything from sports vehicles to medical equipment, a wide range of industries have turned to Java developers. As a result, there are several opportunities to get active in a large and diverse community. Java users all over the world organized conferences and gatherings. Any language you learn will benefit greatly from your community. Being a developed language, there are a lot of resources available, and many questions have already been posed and have had excellent responses. There is a community for you whether you are using Java to power your internet of things project or to develop your own website.

Additionally, it is free. For someone who wants to learn a programming language or for an organization to employ that technology, the cost is the most important consideration. Java does not require any fees for the Java application you create.

7.    Multithreading Technology

The smallest processing unit in all programming is called a thread. With Java’s multithreading functionality, a program can carry out multiple tasks concurrently. You can use multithreading to make the most of your computer’s processing power.

Java’s memory management is incredibly efficient. Since they share the same area of memory, switching between these threads happens relatively quickly. Additionally, they work independently of one another, so if one thread encounters an error, it does not affect the other. For demanding applications like games and animation, this is very important.


Java programming language is much more popular among all modern languages of the past decade. It almost involves every field of development in information technology. It also has proper connections to the modern technology Internet of Things. Android development boosts this language to the next level. Most experienced programmers and developers mostly prefer java because it is one of the oldest languages. There are several reasons that make this language better than other programming languages. We have already discussed some effective and feature-based term for java language that makes it more popular and enlarge its development environments such as multithreading technology, Involvement in web development, an Open-source environment, Easier to learn for beginners programmer, and the first language that support environment. Java is a long-lasting language And it will be popular among the other modern language because it has provided a huge platform to become a job-ready programmer from beginner to expert.


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